Mahogany Corner Bar with Guest Serving Bar/Island

Custom Wine Bar for Sale
Front view of bar.

 Price: $5,750 FOB Eckert, Colorado

This bar was designed and made by master cabinet maker Ron Quest.  The Bar was made for our original installation – flush to an eight foot ceiling.  It was moved to our second tasting room location with an 11 ft. ceiling.  It looked impressive in both installments.

The original design also contemplated being mounted flush to corner walls, with the wine rack on the right and an open wall space on the left to feature art, licenses, and announcements.

When the Bar was installed to the new location (shown above), there was no suitable corner for the bar in the room.  A partial wall was built out into the tasting room and the open left side was redesigned by Ron and a secondary “back bar” was built.  This provides a counter display area for wine and other items but it also can be cleared off to provide another site for tastings and sales when things get busy.  It also provides many other options for servicing and entertaining guests during special events.

For rooms with higher ceilings (higher than 8 ft.) the top of the wall components are perfect for displaying anything your tastes and imagination can come up with.


There are 21 wine rack shelves that hold four bottles each (total space for 84 bottles).  The shelves are adjustable and can be modified with flat inserts laid on top (not included) to hold books or art or other displays.

Each side of the back unit has four drawers.  The right side (as you look at the unit) is 6″ longer than the left.  The drawer dimensions are Width: 17″ right side (15.5″ left side); 16″ deep; and 4″ high.

The lower cabinets each have two shelves, the upper shelf is adjustable.  The height between the wine racks and counter top on the right side is 13.”

View of the right side of the Back Bar showing the configuration of  the lower drawers and cabinets. Select for a more detailed image.

Back Unit Right Side:     Height:  Overall:  8 ft.  (96 in);  Counter top height:   36″

Length:  Overall:  115″;  Counter top: 81″

Depth:  Counter top: 19.5″

Space between counter top and bottom of wine shelves: 13″;  Depth:  of overhang: 19.5″

View of Left Side of Back Bar (the Back serving side). For corner installations a flush mount featuring an solid wall or a window is also an option. Select for a more detailed image.

Back Unit Left Side:     Height:  Overall:  8 ft.  (96 in);  Counter top height:   36″

Length:  Overall:  109″;  Service Counter top: 75″;  Guest Counter top: 71″

Depth:  Service Counter top: 19.5″;  Guest Counter top: 21″

Back Bar Customer serving height (left side):   49″ (leaving a 11″ space between the two levels.)

In the configuration shown here a partial wall was designed to accommodate the Back Bar unit to create a second serving area in a more open floor plan.



The Corner unit features an upper Cabinet with bevel glass doors. Select for a more detailed image.

The Corner Unit has adjustable shelves in the upper cabinet that can house wine awards, fine glassware or a stereo system – all uses we have made over time.  The cabinet has four shelves, three of which are adjustable.

The lower shelf helps tie the two sides together and provides many options.  It can be used with a small office chair to do paperwork, or can provide space for a sound system, computer, or small refrigerator.  We even planned to install a sink there – before we moved from the room with the 8 ft ceiling to the room with the 11 ft. ceiling.



The Front Tasting Bar Features clean lines and a Brass Foot Rail.  Select for a more detailed image.

Height:   Server counter height: 36″ ;  Guest counter height:  45″

Width of Guest counter:   76″ at maximum

Width of Service counter:   60″ at maximum

View of the back (the Server’s Side) of the Front Bar. Select for a more detailed image.

The back of the Front unit has a center drawer ( 21″ wide x  4″ high   x  21 “deep) which can be used as a cash drawer and two side cabinets with two shelves that can hold wine bags, bar cleaning materials, and other supplies and merchandise.

The space between the server counter height and guest bar counter height is 7.5  inches.  This provides a perfect niche for storing tasting glasses as well as other serving/sales accessories.

We used the space below the center drawer for a small refrigerator (not included) to keep chilled bottles of tasting wine.

Grape Inlay.  Select for a more detailed image.

The grapevine carvings along the top for the back unit attached to a background made of the same laminate that covers the counters.  This has two effects, it provides a contrast between the carvings  the background, and it ties all the bar components together.


You can adjust the distance between the front and back units depending on how busy you anticipate being, and on how much overall space your room has.   For example, if the bar was for a smaller room or just for private use, then the front unit can be moved closer to the back, but if you contemplate a busier, more commercial use, the front unit can be placed farther forward from the back.

The Front Bar unit is freestanding.  The Back Bar is designed to be attached to the wall.  Certain holes or ports were incorporated to accommodate electrical, communication and speaker wires and a small water line.  If you have any questions or wish to see pictures of other details of the bar, please let us know.

For those of you who may wish to do a custom installation or modification and who do not have a master cabinetmaker readily available, you might be able to retain the services of Ron Quest to help you with your installation – just ask.

Price: $5,750 FOB Eckert, Colorado

We also have a companion Mahogany cabinet refinished by Ron Quest.  It is a massive yet beautiful piece (72″ by 36″) from the clothing department in a Denver department store. It was a popular feature in our gallery and we turned down many offers to sell it.  It has four full-depth drawers and has casters on its feet .  It is about 100 years old – a beautiful piece too large for our house.  It is available for $3,750. (We offer a discount if you buy both units together.)